Linux error 17 Linux Geek input?

OK- Put the Puppy distro on an old 500Mhz Gateway. Been having lots of fun with it. It saved that tired ol beast from a yard sale. But having tired a bit of the cartoon like interface, I wanted to step up with a graphics card, and see what the limit of this beast is. Tried 3 diff LiveCds ( Mint, Ubuntu, and PCLinux).. none of em would boot this machine. So, being tired I yanked the drive outa it and formatted it in a XP machine. Ummm.Then I got the error 17 message. Now I would think, I would need a Mbr of some kind to resolve this… But I decided to do a wipe of the drive again, in a PC running Ubuntu.. Back to the old Gateway machine… same message. Now, if the Live CDs (that are good.. btw…) load into ram, why would I need a mbr? I know I’m over looking something here. Workbench has lots of projects clamoring for attention, but I can’t let this go! What am I missing here?
See if this is clearer. I could not get ANY live-cd at hand, to boot over my puppy install, on a P3 w/ 500Mhz & 256 ram. So put the Puppy master into a pc w/ Ubuntu, as a slave. Formatted it. Back to the orig. pc, no boot from live-cd.. put the dead @ss puppy drive in a XP machine and formatted it there. Back to the orig. Pc with the twice formatted Puppy drive. Stilln won’t load a live-cd or XP. I get the infamous ” Grub loading, please wait…. Error 17″ message. The drive is good, the Cds are good.. so I try a Grub boot load floppy. Same result. Grub on a cd, same result. This is my last small drive, and really don’t wanna put any big drive in a ‘hobby’ machine. Jumpers are correct, Cds are good, How the heck am I gonna get a boot record to this thing again? Yeah yeah yeah I hosed it all up. The answer is simple I know… Changing Cd drive… BRB

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  1. If the master boot record is incorrect it will not allow the live cd to use part of it for swap files. You need to format it to Linux again, this is not the same as a Windows format.

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  2. One thing you are missing is certainly Mint and Ubuntu are using 2.6 kernels. I’ve got an old Pentium MMX running gentoo which periodically tells me to recompile the kernel and always tells me This kernel is too NEW to run on that computer — so I have to use the old one.

    A 500Mhz Gateway I would actually not use any Knoppix after 4.x (and if you hunt you can still find them) but I would DEFINITELY go with DSL. PcLinux is another I would treat with suspicion.

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  3. On your old computer did you put the bios on boot from cd?
    Did you burn the cd your self. If so did you burn the right format.
    And i wouldn’t use a live cd if you use it a lot just install it. It is much more reliable.

    Open SuSe Linux user

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  4. how much RAM does the old machine have?

    It might not have enough for a live cd.

    try the alternate install cd:

    It requires much less RAM

    Open SuSe Linux user

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