laptop turns offat random times?

what could be the problem?
even after i do a fresh reformat it willstill shut off at random times

and its not to hot

right now I am running off of a live linux cd
and its fine.

so imguessing it must be a hard-drive problem?

the problem is i would like to put xp back on it
because i dont want to have to run a live cd

what should i do?

is it the hard-drive? running off of the live cd
im guessing rules out any power supply issues?

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  1. well i have had some of the same problem you are talking about… personally the problem i had was a smart virus taking over my computer and any time i made it mad by running virus scans and other things like that it would turn off…. so it could be virus

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  2. It isn’t your hard drive. Only the Operating System changes when you change.

    If you got your XP on a CD, it looks like to me like it’s damaged/corrupt. You should be able to replace it with no cost as long as it was bought fairly recently (how long depends on where you bought it from).

    Failing that, it could be operating system-specific virus, which could cause connection problems between your laptop and its power (battery and main). If it’s getting steadily worse, I’d suggest not using it any longer until it’s fixed, otherwise it’ll get to the extent that you can no longer switch it on.
    This happened to me once, and the manufactures had to take my laptop apart to fix it, which might be prevented if they could switch it on ;)

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