Is ordering stuff over the internet safer with a Linux Live CD?

Rather than running my main OS, Windows XP, to buy things online with a credit card (the site I am buying something from is secure, but you never know about the computer)

I ran spyware scans, but you can’t be certain if it got everything.

So should I run a Linux Live CD, open Firefox, and buy my item this way?
because the Live CD has no spyware

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  1. put your live cd, install the linux and use it. y run it from a cd. You can slowly learn it and finally switch over. Its better, safer and more reliable.

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  2. You can do that. Nothing saying you can’t. If you feel that strongly about someone stealing your information, then I would go ahead and do that.

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  3. Security over the internet matters alot, so using Linux Live CD and Firefox are the best you can think of since Windows has never had any history of security from Phishers, Spywares etc.

    Absolutely PERFECT!

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  4. jibbarjabar

    Actually there is a glut of stolen credit card numbers on the black-market, right now. They are being sold for as little as $2.00 a piece in the IRC chat rooms that deal in this kind of illicit goods. With free “samples” for prospective customers.

    Actually, I would be just as concerned about what kind of security is being practiced at the vendors end of the transaction.

    Security breeches like these are becoming more and more frequent:

    “A security breach at the Hannaford east coast supermarket chain has lead to the exposure of some 4.2 million credit cards…”

    Seems like the ‘black-hats’ are going for quantity these days. They probably have no reason to specifically target a single individual.

    Absolutely PERFECT!

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