Is my laptop Linux resistant?

I have a Toshiba A215-S7422 and I’m having trouble with linux. I tried to use BackTrack2 a few months ago. When I tried to boot from the live CD, i was able to log in, but when i used starx (i think thats what it was) i started to try to boot, and then it got stuck in a some sort of loop. Today Idecided to try to play aroung with Ubuntu, and when I select the start/install option, it just sits there. My guess is that it is stuck in a loop again, but since it doesnt show the progress like the BackTrack does, im not sure. The CD drive seems to be making the same noise over and over. For both of them I let them sit there for a long time (20 min) It isnt the CDs because they both worked in my desktop, and a friends Dell laptop. Any ideas?

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  1. When you are at the splash screen of Ubuntu, press the “more options” F-key as documented on the bottom of the screen (I believe its f6). Then type in noapic at the end of the string that pops up. This should help with that problem.
    You can type in your laptop model and then append the word “linux” or “ubuntu” on the end of it into Google and see if anybody has the same problems you do.

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  2. mmmmh. a puzzlement, at least to me. of course, i am not versant in BackTrack2 or starx, never used Ubuntu.

    screen gives no clues, no LILO, no nothing.

    CDs good, work in other machines.

    CD drive. “Seems to making the same noise over and over.”

    CD drive?

    Change it out? Hook in a new one through USB, and boot from USB?

    As neat as UNIX is, it would be hell to do your own port. :(

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  3. what version of Ubuntu are you using? Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.4 does take a while to start. Try it again and be patient

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