Is it possible to install Linux on a computer with no OS?

and the hard drive has not been formatted?

Will Linux (Ubuntu) automatically format the hard drive when I install it from the Live CD?

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  1. Absolutely. You will need the installation media, though.

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  2. B.I.G.P.O.P.P.A

    Before the installation begins you will be able to format the drive and install Ubuntu

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  3. Well, I don’t know about that but do you know what you are doing? If you do not know too much about computer and the hardware I recommend you do not do that. It could melt your PC if that is your second operating system.

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  4. it sure will format it, you should be good to go. Feel free to email me if you have questions…

    Linux admin for 10 years

    BTW- Nothing about linux will melt your computer

    If you want to dual boot it with windows(i would not) install windows first, it is easier. But with nothing on the drive it should be a easy install

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  5. Just one quibble with your question and the answers. Yes, by the way, if the computer can boot from CD Rom you can load a system into memory with which you can install Linux.

    The quibble is this: Most install programs do partition your hard drive and format it early, but this is NOT automatic, even if it comes up. You can stop the process there or format it using a different file system than the one they recommend. Don’t take it lightly. While I’ve never messed up a hard drive by partitioning and installing with Ubuntu, I have installed a LOT of other distros and don’t especially like Ubuntu so I haven’t had much opportunity to. I have installed Ubuntu on a reiserfs formatted disk. And I’ve messed up HDs with other installs.

    Make sure you have swap space set aside as well as the disk space. Figure about twice the size of the installed memory but no more than 2 gig. Even that may be excessive: the system doesn’t need it until it needs it, but when it needs it it starts to slow down if it uses more than a couple of hundred megs.

    Ubuntu won’t boot unless it’s installed, though.

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  6. I'm God & You're Not

    Yes, you can do that. Linux will format and partition the HD when you choose to install it. It’s easy…

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