Installing Sabayon?

I am trying to get Sabayon linux 3.5 loop 3 revision 1 to load. When I tried to start it, (live cd/dvd mode) the splash screen would hang at initializing the kernel. So, i did a verbose boot (shows what the computer does while loading/booting instead of the splash screen) and I figured out that it hangs at “Detecting Adaptec 120 Raid Controllers…” I tried booting in safe mode, console mode, and all of the other modes available, and it hangs at the same place. I tried installing Sabayon 3.4 stable (i think it was revision F), and got a similar error. I have a toshiba satellite, 1.5 ghz intel centrino single core proccessor with 256 mb ram. its not the best/newest setup, but its not at all that bad either. maybe 5 or 6 years old. Any kind of modules i could tell it not to load to avoid this error? Any other ways to fix this errors (older version, mayber?) I have installed several other versions of linux, and it worked just fine.

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