Inspiron 6000 problem?

My wife’s Dell Inspiron 6000 has ceased to start, coming up with a blue screen and a message saying unmountable boot volume. I know the HDD is fine. It’s XP that has screwed itself up.

How do I get the data off it? I have tried various Linux live CDs but none seems to allow me to access the data on the HDD and transfer it to networked storage.

Also, how do I initialise the on disk reformat/reinstall partition? I know there’s one there as it shows up as a 35gb hard drive and it’s actually a 40gb.
It’s an elderly Dell. I found the drive (a hitachi travelstar) is dated 2005. I know my wife has had the laptop for a couple of years and that it’s out of warranty. I’ve fixed several blue-screen errors before but this time it’ll show the XP progress bar but then comes up with a blue screen with the unmountable boot volume error.

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