I’m trying to install Linux?

I’m trying to install Linux Ubuntu on my computer (which is an Acer Aspire 5040) but everytime I try to set the boot priority when I start my computer up, it turns itself off and I have to plug my external hard drive in for it to boot Windows XP
Last time I tried it, it came up with a message saying “there is not enough virtual memory.” Or something like that and I’m not actually too sure what that means to be honest lol.
I’m trying to boot Linux from a live CD but.. Y’know, it’s not working.
Any suggestions?
I have 512mb of RAM so I don’t think it’s that..
But thanks anyway

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  1. Citizen Erased 7:19

    Are you sure that you’ve made a boot CD, with .iso file on it? Or maybe you don’t have enough RAM memory, cause it requires quite a lot of memory to boot the pc from a compact disc. I tried to do the same thing on my computer, but it ignored completely the boot cd, I still don’t know why…

    brain lol.

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  2. How much physical RAM is in you PC? Virtual memory is a scheme whereby software can simply believe there are gigabyes upon gigabyes of real and expensive physical memory in the machine. In order for this to work, the operating systems needs to use a large file on your hard drive to store information. This is sometimes known as a Virtual Memory cache. On linux, it is also called swap.

    The Linux live CD you have is read only. So no swap space can be created. The point is, I believe you might need to have 320 MB to run from the live CD.


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