How to retrieve files on HDD using Ubuntu Live CD?

My computer wont boot up. Before I try to fix it, I want to backup some important files off my hard drive. They say you can do this by booting up with a Linux live cd and going into the hard drive from there. But when I go into Places->Computer my hard drives arent there. The only drives I see there are my DVD burner and “filesystem”
Im using a ubuntu 7.04 live cd. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. palebluedot90

    Look in file system.

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  2. filesystem is ur HDD

    live cd runs totally off the cd ~> so u may need to ( u wont
    but i will say this anyway !!! ) mount the drive @ rght click
    filesystem an then on mount !!!

    there u’ll find any data on the drive !!!

    u can also trouble shoot before fresh install btw

    run live cd and then when prompted ” hit any key to show
    boot list ” and choose edit and type help
    :) good luck !!!

    My Minds Eye !

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