How to restore F3 boot option from Symantec Ghost?

I have MSI Megabook S270 running on Windows XP (OEM). I recently installed Windows 7 Release Candidate on drive D (Windows XP is on drive C). It turns out that I don’t like Seven. Now I want to restore everything, but it seems the F3 options from Symantec Ghost (right after BIOS-boot) doesn’t come out. I already checked the partition with Active Partition Manager that the recovery partition (drive 1) is still there. And I also checked with Puppy Linux OS Live (running on CD) that the partition is accessible. I don’t know whether the recovery data is incomplete or not.
I don’t have a recovery CD/DVD, the notebook came to me only with DC adapter, nothing else.

My question is: how to restore the F3 option. I want to restore Windows XP to the original manufacturer setting.

Thank you so much…

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  1. Jeanelle the Retard

    Try holding down the 0 key while booting, most of the times this is the required key for accessing the recovery partition. Also, if it turns out F3 is the button, then you should hold it down at the bios boot, not before it finishes loading past the BIOS.

    been there and done it.

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