How to remove the dual selection OS during start-up?

I’ve tried running Linux Ubuntu OS to my system in which windows XP has already been installed. I’ve used the live CD for Ubuntu which means that the Ubuntu was running without being installed in my PC. There was an option during start-up which prompts what OS I should use, whether the currently installed windows or the Ubuntu. The option always prompt or shows even if I havent put the Ubuntu CD. I want to remove this prompt message so I can start windows directly, with no hassle. How will I do that?

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  1. Chr1stoph3r C

    Usually if you’ve just run the live CD in Ubuntu it doesn’t make any changes to your system. Obviously, in your case it did. There are files that can be edited/deleted from a command prompt to resolve this but the safest way is to insert you XP CD and choose to repair the system. This will fix the Master Boot Record and either delete or disable the “grub” file that Linux gives that message from.

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  2. With windows XP, you need to restore the boot sector. Generally you need a windows CD or boot disk to do this that matches the version of windows you have installed.
    Boot the XP CD and enter the recovery console, then the command FIXBOOT should take care of it. Answer Y when it asks if you want to write a new bootsector.
    Follow this link to learn how to access the recovery console:


    You probably do not need to do anything with ntldr or ntdetect, just try replacing boot sector first.

    Good luck.

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