How to reinstall network manager for ubuntu with no internet connection?

I installed this program called wicd. Horrible mistake!! It wouldn’t work with my wifi. And now I can’t install network manager, because I can’t connect to the internet because wicd won’t work (nor will removing it). Wired won’t work either. i’ve googled wicd, but every webpage on the net seems to be singing its praise, which means i can’t find how to solve my proglem. Yes, i will remove the stupid program. But tell me, how do I get network manager up and running again?
I am NOT reinstalling my system.

please, i just want my wifi back!!!

p.s. the live CD will connect to the internet, which is how I’m asking this question right now. can i manipulate it to download the package to my linux home directory? (i have 7.10 gusty gibbon installed over my whole hard drive)

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  1. Am i wide user of Linux versions, and if you are using Ubuntu to configure a network, i suggest to kick ubuntu out of your computer. Fedora or Mandrake will make your work easier. Specially if your network interfaces have a Realtek chipset, Ubuntu will have a hard time configuring them, and most of time will never work. Re-installing your OS won’t make any change!

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  2. If you’re on the live CD, your real installation on your HD is probably not mounted. See if you can get to your own home dir, I forget exactly how, but you should be able to browse your computer from the desktop somehow. Mount your existing filesystem, then download the packages to it. You’ll need to sort out which packages are required, and manually grab them all, I think you could go to the Ubuntu site and grab them with Firefox.

    Reboot into the real install, then install the package(s) that you saved to your home dir.

    Ubuntu rocks, I love it on my home machine (on the road now with Windows) , stick with it. Its like Fedora, except it really does ‘just work’.

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