How to install Linux into a existing spare partition?

I am trying to install Linux Ubuntu 7.10 in to a spare partition (drive d) in my laptop. There if 30GB free in dat partition and nothing else saved. However during Ubuntu installation, the Partition part, it would let select the drive and only allows me to use the entire hard drive, I’m not sure wat to do in manual partition manager either. (Live CD) Can anyone tell me a way of installing Ubuntu onto the spare partition without affecting the other partition at all.

The spare partition is ntfs format.
I trying to dual boot with XP Home Edition SP2.

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  1. a moose with an empty tummy

    For one, make sure the partition is in ext2 or similar format for linux. But, bottom line- Ubuntu is more noob friendly, such as who don’t know about partitions. It’s a good distro, but better as a live cd in my opinion. Try slackware-

    You can install it to a certain partition.

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  2. Hokay, I should warn you first that it won’t boot unless you have both a Linux partition and a swap partition. I believe the partition program is called cfdisk. That is what you should be running anyhow. When you look at the drive, you should get your windows partition and this other partition. Delete the other partition. Create 2 new ones, one Linux Swap (I believe that is 82) of about 200-400MB and the rest Linux (83). If you don’t touch what it says the other partition is, it won’t either. Then it should ask you about reformatting that one partition to ext3, and the swap partition to swap. You’ll have more than enough space for ubuntu.

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