How to install linux fedora on a i586 system?

How do I install linux fedora onto an i586 system? I tried the installation guide page, and the live cd mode is not compatible….and to do a classical install for this kernel, but my question is: WHAT is a classical install? Thanks!

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  1. John Mahowald

    The live CD won’t work, it assumes i686. You’ll have to use the non live installer. Also a i586 system probably isn’t powerful enough for the dynamic file system in RAM anyways.

    Last I checked Fedora still did i586 kernel builds.

    I recall an installer parameter, that you can boot it “linux i586″ to force that architecture.

    I do have a i586 system running CentOS 4, a rebuild of Fedora’s commercial cousin, RHEL.

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  2. download this file: (from

    burn to dvd, put it in the drive and restart your comp…

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