How to install and use Damn Small Linux?

I have got the .iso file of Damn Small Linux-N. I am currently using Windows XP and want to try it out. How should I go about using DSL-N from here I have no idea. Please explain in simple steps. I’ve heard that it runs from a pen-drive but how? Web search has been of no use as I am very very new to Linux. What is a Live CD and how to create it???

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  1. consumingfire783

    Get a program such as Deep Burner (free on and burn the .iso file to a cd. This will create the LiveCD. A LiveCD allows you to try Linux without actually installing it. It will boot from the cd, and you can go through the menus, use programs,and all that before you install it. Try going to, it is a very helpful site, especially for new Linux users. I just switched to linux about a month ago, and that site and (for ubuntu linux users) are both very useful sites. There are forums dedicated to new linux users.

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  2. cheetah3189

    Go to to find the version you need. Ubuntu 6.06 is one of the easiest to install and use. See the “courses” area of the site for detailed instructions. Download the version and burn it to a blank CD or DVD. You can also order a pre-burned disk from the version site. Enter your computer’s BIOS mode (you’ll see the directions as your computer is booting up). Change the settings to read your CD drive first, so the Linux disk will boot automatically. Double click the “install” icon, and follow the prompts. Pay attention to the “partioning” step, which gives you the option of keeping or deleting your old operating system (including your data!).**

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  3. First o fall…copy .ISO file of linux to CD. (burn it)

    make first boot from BIOS —> CDROM

    put CD in CDROM and reboot the system.

    1) type linux, then dont scan CD, and go through simple steps of mouse , monitor, keyboard detections.

    2)create swap, home, root partitions.
    give 512mb diskspace for swap. and for home and root…it depend upon your usage.

    3)select the pacakages (softwares) you want to be installed.
    7)click next and your are done.

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  4. A live CD is an operating system burned to a CD which is put into your CD drive and your computer booted from that drive and not the hard drive, it’s as if your hard drive doesn’t exist so there can’t be any damage to anything on your hard drive, Damn small linux can be put on a pen drive and run the same way except you boot to your USB port instead. To boot from the CD drive or USB port you need to set these options in the bios although some computers will give you this option if you press F12 when booting your machine.

    Have a look at these web sites for DSL:

    Have a look at this web site for more info on linux:

    About the best live CD version of Linux is Knoppix more info here:

    To burn the iso file to a CD you will need to use the burn iso option in your favorite CD burning programme, then boot from the CD drive. mail me if you want any further help.

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