How to get Gentoo Linux on Windows Vista?

I downloaded and burned a copy of getoo live cd i686 and am wondering what i do next. I’m taking a computer programing class and this seems really cool. I really want to have vista and gentoo on my computer but don’t know how to install it or what. PLEASE HELP!!!! I don’t know much on dual OS’s or Linux or getting Linux

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  1. ♥α&ΗμτΘ&Η m!&Hrα♥

    Insert the Live CD of Gentoo into your CD-ROM drive and retstart your system. If your computer boots from the CD-ROM before the hard drive, then the Live CD will run and you can follow on-screen instructions to install Gentoo alongside Windows Vista (else you will have to make changes in the Boot Order under BIOS). It’s always best to seek the help of some elder / technician if you aren’t familiar with these stuff.

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  2. You made a big mistake. Gentoo is NOT the distro you want to start with and try and install, because you probably will not succeed, you will get upset, and you will blame Linux for the problems you WILL run into. Or however unlikely as it may be, you might get something installed and then be upset at how slow and arduous the process is for adding and updating software.

    I am speaking from experience. I have tried to install Gentoo (a good distro, but very technical, and if you don’t know Linux, you are looking at a slow, often unpleasant learning curve!).

    Get Ubuntu, Mephis, PCLinuxOS, Red Hat, SUSE, almost any of the top distros on

    If you MUST have Gentoo, take the easy way and install Sabayon (Gentoo in a pretty wrapper and it actually installs easily!). However, don’t update things until you have read a lot more than you have so far, and you understand Gentoo’s emerge system.

    I failed at my attempts at installing Gentoo. Sabayon installed like a breeze, but the sound doesn’t work, and wireless is probably out as well – I haven’t checked on that. I tried to do an update of OpenOffice and it took several hours before I got an error message that the computer had run out of space and locked up (operator error, nothing more, nothing less). I couldn’t get a graphical interface started and could not figure out how to even start to try fix things from the command line, so I reinstalled Sabayon. So now I once again have a working Sabayon/Gentoo system, and I will proceed slowly, upgrading or installing smaller packages, so I can learn how to do it, before taking on larger packages.

    Believe me, Ubuntu is a whale of a lot easier and faster! But, Linux is about choice, so if you decide to ignore my warnings, more power to you, and good luck. Just don’t complain about Linux being hard, if you ignore me and decide to try and start with one of the hardest distros!

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