How to actually run DSL live CD from CD?

Well I download Damnsmall Linux and burned it to a CD but how do I run it when my computer’s loading?

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  1. When I first started paying around with DSL I had the same issue. I couldn’t get it to run while Windows was loading. A friend gave me these instructions. They start with the actual download and go from there.

    1) Go to DSL, select a download site.
    2) Burn the latest DSL to a blank CD disc and make sure your CD stays in the CD Rom.
    3) When the disc writing is complete, turn off your computer, and then wait 30 seconds.
    4) Turn your computer back on. Before Windows starts up (while you see the boot screen), enter into your computer Setup (BIOS). This is usually done by continuously clicking F2. If it’s not F2, most computers will tell you what button to press to enter Setup mode.
    5) From the Setup mode, use the up/down arrows on the keyboard to select “boot sequence”.
    6) Use the arrows on the keyboard to select “CD-ROM DEVICE” and make it the first boot device.
    7) Depending on how your computer is set up, save your changes and exit.

    Your computer is now set up to load items that are in the CD-ROM before it loads the hard drive (where Windows is stored). Instead of booting up Windows, your computer will first look at the CD-ROM, and since you’ve left the Damn Small Linux CD in the CD-ROM, your computer will boot it as the operating system instead of Windows.

    You can use this technique any time you want to run DSL instead of your primary operating system. Make sure the CD is in the computer, power up, and select boot from CD as first choice. Some computers like Dell offer an F12 option. Instead of clicking F2, click F12 at startup and an option screen will let you immediately select CD-ROM as first boot choice.


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