How do I use the Linux Live CD to access my Windows Vista files?

When I tried to install the Vista SP1 I got some error when it was booting up, so I was wondering how would I be able to do this so I can access some pictures and then FTP them to another place (I know how to FTP) so please help.

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  1. When you put in the Live CD and boot you will see the desktop and then you may use the file manager available on the CD to access the files
    Pluging an USB drive and backup the files

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  2. You don’t say what distro. I use Ubuntu. Linux can include Samba, which does see Windows files. However, it has been my experience I have to either (a) do file copying with a text-only mode (no GUI), or (b) install Linux to have Samba running, especially with NTFS files. No problems with FAT-32 files. I suspect you have NTFS, because of Vista which I do not know.

    If I were you, I would log onto a forum for your distro to ask this question. The LiveCD should get you internet access. Good luck.

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