How do I run Ubuntu Linux off of a hard drive partition?

I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux into a hard drive partition and I don’t know how to run it. I’ve tried the Live CD thing but you can’t save stuff to anything or have personal data. How do I boot it? Thanks

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  1. Below is a link with step by step instructions on Running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on PS3. The site also contains problem forums with a better audience for answering your computer questions than Yahoo Answers (as I’ve noticed over the past few months – lol)

    From there, if you fancy, you are able to download ‘Wine’ and run windows programming.

    I’ve also heard it’s possible to Run Mac OS X Tiger but I haven’t tried yet so I’m not sure.

    Anyway, heres the link!

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  2. My first guess would be a bad cd, just reburn it and install it again. If not that, and you installed ubuntu on a sperate hard drive, I would fix the boot order in the bios config, which can normally be accessed by pressing f2 or delete at boot. If that doesn’t work, my next guess would be a grub config. Assuming you used Gparted on the live cd, and made a compatable partition (ext3 for a more perminant install, fat32 if you may want to resisze it) and run the install program, I am guessing that you have a problem with GRUB and chain loading. What I would do, would be to, from the live cd, open up a terminal, and type in ls /dev. From there, you should look for a file called sda-number, or hda-number. The easiest way to figure out the correct drive/partition, type “mount /dev/hda1 /home” into the terminal. Next you would check the folder within the home folder for a linux structure (you should see a dev, bin… the such). If the folder does not have this, mount the next drive, until you have the correct drive. From there, go into the /boot/grub folder, and open menu.lst. It has most of the info needed to edit/fix it from there, including dealing with chainloaders. If that doesn’t If none if this helps, you can email me, given a few more details.

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  3. You recently installed – if you installed it, you should have a grub menu when the computer first starts, and unless you change things it will automatically start in Ubuntu. So, if it doesn’t (start Ubuntu), you didn’t (install Ubuntu).

    If it doesn’t and you didn’t, try reinstalling Ubuntu again – but FIRST, read up on the process so that you understand it and can follow the steps. Guessing can result in some serious, serious problems.

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  4. George Gently

    You probably should reinstall it. It sounds like hasn’t partitioned properly.
    When I installed Xubuntu onto a laptop recently a manual partition wasn’t required. It allowed it to be installed ‘within Vista’ like an application. It offers a boot menu, but claims the partition isn’t right, nevertheless it still boots normally. I suppose the drawback of this is that if Vista goes down, everything goes down. But then I’d just re-install Ubuntu as the main OS.

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