How do I install Windows XP over Ubuntu (Linux)?

Alright, here’s my deal (I hope ya’ll can help..):
The Bottom-Line (Short-Version): I bought a couple PC’s with Ubuntu (Linux) installed. I need XP on it. My XP Install disc doesn’t work (error pops up), if I tried to partition the drive, I’ll mess it up for sure; what the hell do I do?

What I’ve Done (Detailed-Version): I recently bought a couple computers (Dell Optiple X GX150) that originally had the XP OS on it; currently, Ubuntu (Linux) resides as the OS (which is a bad thing, in this case).

I would like to uninstall/delete ‘Ubuntu’ and put ‘Windows XP’ (or any other version for this matter) as my main & ONLY operating system. I have a “Windows XP Installation Disc” that I TRIED to use and install. I downloaded “Wine” & “Crossover”, each opens the .EXE on the disc and allows me to explore. In “Setup”, it asks: “What do you want to do?” When I click, “Install Windows XP”, it goes to the installation screen (with the numbered steps on left column), and then an error message pops up:

“Windows Setup has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

You will need to rerun setup in order to install Windows. Choosing dynamic update during setup will possibly remedy this error.”

So you’re thinking: “Why don’t you try disabling ‘dynamic update’, dumbass!” Well, on the numbered list (on the left-hand column), Step 2 is “Dynamic Update” whereas I can’t even get through Step 1. So, I don’t think that’s an option for me.

I’ve researched this problem online, and some people say, “Get the Ubuntu Live CD, and try uninstalling it with that” – Got it…the only thing that happens after I select an option in the ‘Ubuntu Live CD Menu’ is a box keeps popping up saying “Extracting” then you see the percent bar bouncing from 0%-100% like 20 times, then nothing happens.

I’ve saw people suggest partitioning the hard drive (which is 70Gigs). I know NOTHING about that. Even if I knew how to start doing it, I couldn’t tell ya the parameters to set. All them numbers, HA, I’m completely clueless on that.

If anybody knows anything I can try or do, I would greatly appreciate the advice. I could do a dual-boot I guess (rather not, but beggars can’t be choosers).

BTW: I do also have another hard drive I could hook-up (which has Windows 98 or XP on it) if this helps the matter. Not exactly sure how, but I think I have a round-about idea (if not, I can easily research it online).

Thanks for your time and help, I appreciate you at least reading all this.

-Shinin’ High-

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