How do I install ubuntu 7.04 on my intel macbook pro? Preferably using a boot cd.?

Specifically, I want to try ubuntu on my macbook pro and have heard that I can use a live cd to do so. However all the tutorials I have found are very out of date. How do I do this? Or if I did want to dual boot, how would I? I mostly want to experiment with Linux and am very intrigued by ubuntu and want to give berryl a try. What can I do?

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  1. You can download the live cd online here(or request some to be shipped to you absolutely FREE!)

    then burn the ISO to a blank CD with Nero or any burning software, then when its done restart the computer with the CD in and Ubuntu should load up. For help installing with dual boot and any other questions go her

    Hope that helps some.

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  2. ♥αζΗμτΘζΗ m!$Hrα♥

    1.Get the Live CD first of all. I will recommend ordering one, because most of the time the download is bad. You can order free Ubuntu CDs here:

    2.Get to your BIOS and make sure that the system boots from the CD – ROM first (make changes in Boot Order) .

    3.Insert the CD and restart your system. It will run and from thereon it will be a cakewalk for you. The installation is completely GUI style and you won’t have any troubles at all. The Ubuntu installer will automatically detect other OS s (Macintosh in your case) and will create a Grub Boot Loader. With it, you can choose to start either Ubuntu or Macintosh while the system starts.

    I (Windows user) am also trying out Ubuntu, and I don’t think it’s great. It’s certainly amazing for free (with LOADS of very useful software), but you have to learn a lot of commands if you want to fully utilize it. They are very irritating. Still go for it!!

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    first open this link in new window…

    click download now at the top of screen.

    Or simply click here

    Then Choose 7.04

    and your PC

    and click download and you region
    3hours later (@ 128kbps)

    extract the ISO image with…
    CD burner XP pro

    OR with a different program to the CD

    then Restart your PC
    in the second screen press “delete”
    when you see a blue (default) screen go to the top left of the screen and click it .

    then go to ‘boot sequence’ and press ‘Page up’
    Until it says CD-ROM,A,C
    or CD-ROM,x,y
    making sure x or y has C in place of it

    then press ‘ESC’ then click ‘save to CM-OS’
    type ‘y’ press enter.

    It reboots…

    then insert your boot CD (ubuntu)

    If all goes well you should see a new screen saying UBUNTU..
    If not try again

    click ‘Return/enter’ to boot Linux (CONGRATS)

    It takes a while to boot…

    1min later

    click install and follow the prompts

    or just use that CD
    (when installed ubuntu/Linux goes 10x faster)


    ubuntu soft were-

    -open office
    -LOTS’o'GAMES!!!!!!! (games are fun!)

    My brain
    Oh P.S. I’ve done it on my 450MHZ XPpro

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