How do I get my internet to work with linux (ubuntu)?

So I have the newest version of Ubuntu and I run it from a live cd. My internet is fine when I run Windows but for some reason, it won’t work on Linux. When I try to open administration settings and things like that, it says I’m not authorized to do that. I was told that if I got a router (right now I’m connecting from my PC to the wall) the internet would work just fine. However, I just found that all of my routers are being used and I’m too lazy to buy a new one at the moment. So how can i get the internet to work without getting a router?

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  1. ubuntu is a bit “different” from most distros in that you never “log in” as root, instead you long in as a “regular” user, and the system should ask you for your password to “sudo” (run a command as super-user, or root) as needed, when running a GUI (graphical) program…

    If, on the other hand, you are trying to run a command from the command line (say, for example, ifconfig to list your network adapters and their IP addresses) you will need to do 1 of 2 things..

    1. Type: sudo ifconfig (it will then ask you for your password to run it as root…)

    2. If you are going to trying to diagnose a problem and will be running a lot of commands over a long period of time, type “sudo bash” which will still ask you for your password ONCE, but you won’t have to keep typing sudo before each command… Basically, what you are doing by typing sudo bash, is opening a new “command interpreter” (called bash) under the “root” user. After you have done that, *every* command you issue from that command prompt will be ran as root.

    If you have static IP addresses, you can issue a command like:

    ifconfig eth0 to set your ip address to (that particular command would set your netmask to… you could specify

    ifconfig eth0 netmask if you needed a different netmask…

    To set your route (default gateway) issue the command

    route add default gw (or, obviously, what ever your gateway is *supposed* to be…

    your DNS servers are set by editing the /etc/resolv.conf file when setting up your internet manually…

    you should have a line like:

    namserver in there (whatever the IP address is of your name server…

    The first wired network card is usually eth0, the 2nd is eth1 and so on… if you do just a plain:


    it should list all network adapters found in the system the “card” lo is the “loopback adapter” and is not “real” as far as inter-machine communication is concerned…

    It is possible that your network card is not supported, but very rare… Almost any chipset used in a network card should be supported under any modern linux kernel… Way more likely that it will be supported without having to install a driver, than under windows or mac.

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  2. By connecting to the wall, I assume you use phone line. Unfortunatelly Linux is a little bit short in modem driver, however the most common is connexant, try the driver from linuxant ( You need to install Linux to your hard drive tho, not work right away with live cd.
    My suggestion: use a router it’s simpler

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