How can I install Ubuntu on my 2nd HD and keep Windows XP installed on my 1st HD?

I am new to Linux so please excuse the noobness of my question. I’ve looked a few install guides with dual boot / GRUB which would allow me to keep being able to use Windows XP as and when needed.
I have two 3.5′ SATA2 drives in my desktop. One contains my C: drive with all the Windows XP installation. The other drive is currently empty and, if possible, I would like to use it as my main drive for Ubuntu.

In the “Hard Disk Partitioning” section of the Ubuntu installation (see installation guide below), which options would I need to select in order to install Ubuntu on my free second hard drive WITHOUT having to repartition / split my C: drive into two parts?

Which file format do I need to use when I format the new hard drive (ext3 ?) and will it be formatted automaticall from the Ubuntu Live installation CD or do I need to do this beforehand?
Thanks a lot – I appreciate the help and look forward to slowly (but surely) stop using Windows!

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