how can i get a linux live cd?

i need a linux live cd can u give me a link that will give it to me

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  1. bambamitsdead

    Try … they have a link on their front page to the new version… and will let you download the right ISO image for your type of PC.

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  2. ubuntu is about as great as my dads penis. you want kubuntu mate

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  3. That depends on which distro you want. Ubuntu is probably the best for beginners. Knoppix is pretty good for mounting and reading off of ntfs. Google around and see.

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  4. Mr.know_it_allĀ®
    it has almost all the distros available.just choose your distro and then it will give you a brief of that distro and list of some packages as well as links to its shortcuts and a download mirror
    if you have a torrent client then use this site to download your favorite distro.

    i would prefer downloading using bit-torrent as it minimizes the chance of downloading a corrupt file

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