how can I format hard drive with ubuntu installing cd?

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  1. When you are ready to install Ubuntu from the LiveCD it will take you through partition and formatting options.

    By default Ubuntu will format the partitions you have selected. You will have 3 partitions:

    /home for user data
    /swap virtual memory
    /root system files

    They will be automatically formatted unless you choose otherwise.

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  2. Just run the Ubuntu installation. It will walk you through formatting your hard disk and partitioning it, if necessary.

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  3. Make sure you have a full install CD and stuff, insert the CD into your drive, and restart your computer. If your BIOS is set to load CDs before your hard drive, it will automatically detect the Ubuntu install and ask you to proceed.

    I’m pretty sure Ubuntu has a Windows application also, so you just insert the CD under Windows and run the setup program. It will let you test Ubuntu without installing or formatting or anything first, then give you the option to soon after.

    Although, I feel I should say if you’re having this much trouble already, you probably shouldn’t be formatting anything…

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  4. It depends on the ubuntu disc.

    Most of the ones I’ve seen people use are LIVE cds.

    This means that when you start the system – it is running COMPLETELY off of the hard drive.

    When you actually want to install linux… there is an icon on the desktop called “install”, this will start the install of ubuntu. Note that when you use a LIVE cd, the OS seems to be a lot slower as almost everything has to be run from the CD/HDD which is much slower than HDD/RAM use.

    Otherwise, if you are NOT using a LIVE cd, the install should start after you set your system to boot from a CD in your BIOS.

    During the setup, you will be asked to setup your partitions…

    now for the average user, I would suggest the following:

    (beginner config)
    swap – like 1gig or something
    ext2 – remainder of drive

    Or alternatively, you can just let the installer do the work…

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