How can I boot linux from a ipod?

ok, i have a ipod, and a pc that has bio’s so old that it won’t boot from a cd to install some O/S, tryed live CD’s, windows boot cd. I have no floppy drive. So I’m wondering if I can install linux and boot it on a pc, if so how?

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  1. Here’s the truth.
    any machine that is incapable of booting from a CDROM is going to be incapable of booting from USB as well, so there goes the Ipod.

    I assume you have checked BIOS and made sure you in fact can not boot from CD, so you have what FDD and HDD yes? but you have no floppy drive. With no floppy, I dunno. I don’t think you are going to have much luck. get a floppy drive, and it’s not that hard.

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