I use win 98 and xp and when system boots i get this message choose operating system to start and now i need to boot ububtu(linux) using live cd but how i do it?

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  1. man it’s about time for you to upgrade now.

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  2. Are you seriously using three operating systems on one computer? Better stand back I think it’s gonna explode.

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  3. Assuming you have only two partitions you should consider installing Linux over 98.

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  4. press del key.

    Then you can find one screen. Be careful with it.

    There you can find one option as boot from cd drive.
    Use it.

    But think twice before doing because some wrong can pay you more.

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  5. Slim Shady

    Why would you choose to run 98 in 2007 and why would you want to add another?

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