Help installing Gentoo Linux?

I have tried both the livecd version and the usb minimal install and neither one will work. On the live cd it stops at a screen that says “boot:” I enter in “gentoo” and it goes through this short boot process then says “ready” then just goes to black screen. When I load with kernel “gentoo-nofb” it loads than screams to a halt at “init 14″ stack something and wont go further. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ok I managed to get the cd to load, I had to use this command string “gentoo acpi=off doapm nosata” and it loaded. Now after I install it comes up like it is loading then just freezes after it says ready, and at the bottom it says something like “init 14″ and a bunch of numbers then , stack and a bunch of numbers

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  1. After it says “ready” and goes to a black screen is there a blinking cursor?

    I am wondering if you have to “start-X”. I haven’t used Gentoo before but isn’t it similar to Slackware in that you have to install and configure your X server and window manager and such?

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  2. I assume you have visited the gentoo help pages?

    I also assume you have experience with other distros – gentoo and sabayon, a gentoo derivative, are not the most user friendly distros out there.

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