Hard drive undetected in windows XP installer, read for details?

I have a slightly old computer with a broken hard drive. im trying to get working again, so i got a new hard drive for it and now i am trying to install windows XP. The previous drive was a SATA hard drive, as is the new one. When i boot up the machine after the boot screen that gives the option to enter the BIOS i get a screen the says “Detecting SATA drives…..” and it shows that it has detected my 160gb SATA drive. It continues to boot from CD after that and loads up the windows installer. The windows installer says it can’t find a hard drive and to restart the computer. Inside the BIOS there is absolutely nothing about SATA anywhere, and it does not show a Hard drive only my IDE DVD. drive.

So just incase it was SATA related i tried a IDE hard drive. Used the same ribbon cable that my DVD drive used since i knew it worked, and the screen that says “Detecting drives…” after the boot screen also showed it detected this 60gb hard drive, but also it does not show up in the bios, or for windows install.

I ran a linux live CD to see if i could find my drives through that and nothing showed up. Obviously they are somewhat working because it detects their size during boot up, but then does not get shown inside the bios and they do not show up anywhere else.

Any ideas? ( I’m not retarded with computers i very rarely ask for hardware based help, so feel free to be very technical on your idea’s and no need for a step by step walk through.)

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