erase linux from external HDD?

I recently installed Linux Ubuntu on a external laptop hard drive to keep vista on my internal drive. Ubuntu worked fine but there was one problem, the external hard drive had to be present in order to boot windows using Grub. In order to save myself from a future frustration (external drive being damaged or missing).
But my problem is this: now every time that I connect my external HDD (with Ubuntu installed) it doesn’t even show up on “My computer”. So I want to format it to the way it was (clean)
If not through windows, Can someone tell me how to format it throu the Live CD?

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  1. Super Fdsisk is a modified version of the old dos program Fdisk used for partition management. It has the ability to format ext2, ext3 and reiserFS partitions, which will do you just fine.
    Its a small download and you can create a bootable floppy or CD. Good luck

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  2. Linux user

    Use a gparted live CD
    to delete the swap and ext 3 partitions from your external hard drive, then create 1 NTFS partition on it.

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  3. use gparted in ubuntu to delete or format the partions

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