complete newbe wants to install linux on acer 5720 pc?

I’m a newbie and never used linux 8.10 ubuntu on an acer 5720z, i have a live cd of ubuntu but have read in a few places that my wireless will not work with ubuntu, you have to install backport modules??? not sure what that means but i need help real bad.
i have tried to boot from live cd and once ubuntu is running it doesn’t show a wireless connection. Tho when im in vista the wireless is visible. I read somewhere that you have to install or enable backport module or something of the sort. I have not a clue of what they are talking about or even how to do that??? can someone please help me???
My wireless is still not working on my acer 5720z. Did a search on how to fix wireless on my 5720 in ubuntu, no results. can someone help, i have the lsicp from terminal of ubuntu email me at fof that info.

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