Cancel XP setup!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi all!!! I am not very computer literate so pls bear with me..I had some problems with my win xp, eg vfiruses, etc.a friend suggested reinstalling xp home edition sp2.the problem is, half way through the install process a blue screen comes up with errors and doesnt go any further..tried starting the pc again, but goes back to setup and same thing, cant boot into safe mode,etc..I just wanna cancel the setup and go back to the original os.HOW CAN I DO THIS…also worth noting is that i am living in spain, so the xp i got is in spanish, so i am not able to fully understand the errors..I searched on google and some of the answers were to use a linux live cd and get rid of setup but none of the answers said how this should be done….Any help would be greatly appreciated…THANKS

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  1. put your xp disk in the cd rom
    set your bios to boot on cd

    boot on the cd

    use the xp disk to format the hard drive

    after that install xp

    Installing XP
    Setting up a new hard drive
    1.install the new drive
    2.Load xp
    3.partion C: half size of drive or max 50 Gig (your country) English
    5.(your country) Keyboard
    6.delete us keyboard unless you are US.
    7.Private leave company blank
    8.Admin for first user
    9.Skip network

    After installed:
    d.South Bridge (PCI card management)
    e.Download from their manufactures site latest drivers
    f.Usually the site is the www. Manufact (Taiwan)
    2.Windows Update – Custom
    a.Select some drivers but do not overwrite the three a,b,c, drivers from above.
    3.set up D: (the other half of the new drive)
    4.Move (not copy) my documents to D:

    Install XP

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  2. Coldshadow

    I got several advices for you.
    1) Buy another one.
    2) If you still have the warranty, you can take it to a shop and ask another one in english.
    3) You can also buy a new hard disk maybe that could solve the problem…
    4) You could ask a spanish computer-fixer to tell you what the errors are and how they can be fixed.

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