can you save files on a live cd on linux?

hi i just brought a dvd of linux (knoppix 5.3.1) and i want to know can i save songs and files onto the disk. i use the dvd by booting from the dvd not from my hard drive and i dont want to install it so is it posseble to save thing? if so, how? thanks

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  1. If you are using a DVD+/-RW or any other form of rewritable media to store your distribution, then yes there are ways of writing to it. However, if you’re using a pressed DVD or a DVD+/-R, then no, you will need a different disc as these can only be written once. You can, however, put in a USB key or other memory format – even a second CD – to save files. Check out the link for “Burn Home” instructions.

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  2. I have tinkered with liveCDs that allowed you to save data, but it has been a while since I went that route. April D appears to have the answer.

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