Can you give me a good reason?

I bought a new Toshiba laptop computer last week.. I asked the sales person if I could try out a Linux live cd on it. To see if it would find all the drivers and run Linux The answer was No

I then asked if I could have Linux install on it The answer was No… I told the sales assistant I didn’t want Windows Vista on it He said I had to have Vista on it or I could not buy the computer. So USA customer s get no choice of operating systems, they are forced to have Vista… weather they like it or not..

What hold dose Microsoft have over the Manufactures and Stores when they recommend and install it… Then force their customers to have it…. I wonder… It is no wonder Microsoft Windows is the # 1 operating system in the world….. when Microsoft force companies and stores to insatll it.. Something needs to be done about it quickly that is unfair competition here in America…

Next… I started to uninstall microsofts crap 60 days trial version of office 2007 home and students software. What do you think I had to do to uninstall it… I had to be online so that it could find the uninstall program from MS website .. this happened with several software packages I un-installed ..

The reason I am un installing these crap microsoft programs is I am going to download free open source Linux software packages that put MS office software to shame… Like Open Office 2 I don’t want it…I don’t need it… I won’t have it…. I refuse to be controlled and robbed by Microsoft ever again…

I have already downloaded some Linux programs that work with vista.. Yes I am running Vista with out an anti virus program again I refuse to pay $39.00 for Norton anti virus crap…. when I can get one free and works better…

The question is do you think you should be forced into buying something you don’t want or need…. Do you think Manufactures. Stores and Microsoft’s unfair practices should be dealt with by your government….
ok I asked a question. and got your answers.. none of you got what the question was all about.. ok here it is

you have not got a choice. you have to have it like it or not. it not a matter of you go somewhere else and buy it.. even if I had done that it would have been the same because I had done that shopped around.. and got the same answers..
“NO you have to have windows Vista”..

now for those that said they don’t know Linux or how to install it, your wrong there I was told by their geeks that they use it on there personal computers..

and I do use Linux. and I do know how to install it. I have tried every version.. what I did was an exercise just to see what would happen if I wanted Linux at a big named store… and I was not pleased..

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