Can you get infected with a virus while using a Live CD Linux OS??

Right now i’m using a Windows XP OS. if i boot from a Live CD version of Linux (let’s say.. ubuntu) and i get a file infected with a trojan, will the trojan still harm my Windows Operating System while i’m using a Live CD version of Linux?

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  1. Linux Ubuntu geek

    Linux is the most secure operating platform there is so the chances are I would say are nil.
    Put it this way I have run Linux for 18 months now with no protection whatsoever without problems, thats how secure it is.


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  2. If you save a file infected with a Trojan, the live CD will not be affected by it, or even detect it. The file will just sit on your hard drive, and the live CD will go merrily along.

    However, if you boot into Windows afterwards, and access that same file, then the Trojan will be activated, and you’ll be in trouble.

    There are some good antivirus programs in Linux. Clam AV is the first one that comes to mind. I figure the best thing to do would be to scan it with Clam AV first before you reboot into Windows. That way, you might have a chance of detecting the Trojan before it affects your Windows system.

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  3. To answer your question – no you won’t get infected with anything by using a Linux liveCD – except maybe the Linux bug when you see how cool it is!!

    Linux can’t infect windoze and windoze can’t infect Linux.

    As jsleno points out, you can DO things that lead to problems, but that is another issue.

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