BSOD on my inspiron 9400 every time it turns on.?

All right, today my laptop (inspiron 9400) running windows xp home edition randomly started giving me blue screen of death every time it’s turned on with this error (STOP 0×000000024 (0×00190203,0×87335828,0xc0000102,0×00000000), then later my cousin found the windows xp cd and every time we tried to use it we got this error (stop 0×000000078 (0xc0000005,0xf786a0bf,0xf7cb6208,0xf7cb5f08)
pci.sys-address f786a0bf base at f7863000,datestamp 3b7d855c), and we also tried using a live linux cd or something to be able to salvage some files to an external hard drive which is all I REALLY want to do then I’ll get my cousin to wipe it and install windows or linux on it again..but yeah, how can I salvage my files? I really need to know :(

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