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how do you hardening a linux system?

especially, the web server, mail server, and the DNS server?

linux installing?

when installing linux the following error occurs:
an error has ocurred- no valid devices were found on which to create a new file systems please check your hardware for the cause of the problem.
i think its because i forgot to make partitions. Can anyone help me step by step how can i make a partition for linux. thank you.
well, i am installling redhat 7.0 and i restart my computer ,everything except for the part of the erro which showed after i clicked on “automatically make a new partition” i already have partition magic but dont know how to make a partition for linux, thanks

Which Linux OS is sutiable for 166Mhz Intel Notebook?

I have Tosiba 300 CDT sattelite Laptop. i want linux for it.
Where can i download them ?

Unix Practice?

Is anyone know any website where I can do online Unix practice.

Unbuntu? I have an old computer with windows xp on it what would be the best way to install unbuntu?

Hi, As as avid firefox user, I’m curious about other open source software availible. I’ve heard alot of good things about unbuntu and want to try it out. I have an older computer just sitting around, and want to know what I need to do to get unbuntu up and running. It has windows installed if I go to the ubunto website and download it will it automatically wipe windows off ?

What I need to know are the steps to take to properly download unbuntu, when windows is currently installed.

Thanks in advance